Apparel Collection

Based on the concept of George Lucas, one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood history, a collaborative collection of the world-famous blockbuster series "STAR WARS" produced by Lucasfilm and BAIT will be released. With Ray Skywalker, the old trilogy of the original trilogy with Luke Skywalker as the main character, starting with the first hit in 1977, and the new trilogy of Prequel Trilogy, which followed the growth of Anakin Skywalker. A sequel trilogy of Sequel Trilogy depicting the fight against the First Order has been released for over 40 years. In addition, many spin-off works have been announced, "STAR WARS" is a work that is loved by many fans beyond the genre of movies, with the latest technology, innovative visuals, unique characters, etc. becoming a hot topic as a space opera. .. This time, the collaboration items at BAIT will be lined up from four countries, Polish version, Spanish version, Israel version, and Japanese version, from graphic design with the motif of international movie posters of episodes 4 to 6 which is the original trilogy. The familiar STAR WARS logo is displayed in various places, and the opening roll, which is said to be a homage to a classic science fiction movie, is printed in phosphorescence on the back, which is indispensable for introducing the magnificent world view of "STAR WARS". In the dark, you can recall the iconic opening.